Feed It To A Snake On V-Day!

Written by on February 11, 2020

You no longer have to sit at home and mope around about your horrible ex on Valentine’s Day. Instead, you could get up and do something very entertaining that might even cheer up your day. A zoo is now letting people name a rat or a cockroach after their ex before watching it get swallowed up by a snake or a bird. Participants will only have to pay $5 for a cockroach and $25 for a rat, and the animals will be offered to reptiles and birds on Feb. 14. The “Cry Me A Cockroach” event will only be held at The San Antonio Zoo… in Texas. But don’t worry! the zoo will be live-streaming the event on Facebook so “even if you (or your exes) don’t live in Texas, you can still participate in this “feeding frenzy,” according to the site. Participants must submit the first name of your ex on the zoo’s website by Feb. 13. Now that’s just cold, but entertaining!

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