Erykah Badu New Perfume.

Written by on February 6, 2020

It’s no secret that Badu’s kitty has some superpowers, and now she’s putting it in the form of fragrance. When we say kitty we’re not talking about her ‘CAT’ either, instead referring to her private part. The ‘TYRONE’ singer wants to share her ‘superpowers’ as she’s preparing to open her online store. The Badu Market is set to open on February 20 and ‘Badu P-y’ will be made available. Erykah told 10 Magazine that there’s an urban legend that her kitty changes men, the men that she falls in love with. The ingredients of the potion-esque happen to be made from Erykah Badu’s old underwear since she doesn’t wear them anymore. Badu said she took several and cut them up into little pieces and burned them, even the ashes are a part of the new perfume fragrance.

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