COLLEGE SCAM: Over-Paid for Harvard Coach’s House

Written by on April 5, 2019

Lori Loughlin gets the headlines, but nearly three-dozen parents are caught up in this college admissions scandal.

One of them is Jack Zhao, who secured entrance into Harvard University for his two sons. Dad needed a little behind-the-scenes help from Harvard’s fencing coach, Peter Brand.

A year before his boys were accepted to Harvard, Zhao paid twice the market value for Brand’s house. The coach used his windfall profits to buy a luxury condo in the heart of Harvard Square.

Both the Zhao boys joined the Harvard fencing squad. One of the boys, Eric Zhao became captain of the fencing squad. Papa  Zhao never lived in the coach’s house. He sold it 17 months later at a drastically reduced price than he paid. Everybody felt like a winner — until they got caught. (Boston Globe)

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