Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone Off Stage

Written by on March 2, 2023

Chris Brown has been on his Under the Influence Tour in Europe for the past couple of weeks now, and when he performs the aforementioned track, he usually picks a girl from the crowd to be seductively danced around for the duration of the song. How are you going to be invited on stage with Chris Brown and spend the entire time looking at your phone? Well, that’s what one of the singer’s fans was doing when he brought her out from the audience at his concert in Berlin, Germany, this week before performing his 2007 hit “Take You Down.”

When the woman first started grabbing for her phone while sitting on a chair facing the crowd, Brown takes it upon himself to put the mobile device down as he continues to sing, indicating he wanted her to pay attention. That alone should’ve been a sign for the fan to live in the moment and not be glued to her phone, but as the R&B singer carries on performing and doing all sorts of impressive dance moves around her, the fan is not even paying attention because she’s too busy staring back at her phone.

At this point, Brown is clearly agitated (and probably regretted bringing her on stage) as he moved closer to her, reached for the phone, and threw it straight into the crowd right before the performance ended. In the video that’s been widely spread on TikTok, the fan looked startled by the move and presumably wasn’t happy with her personal belongings being hurled somewhere into the audience. Breezy did hop onto his Instagram Story after his show to make it known that the woman did get her phone back, but the video has since left people divided with their reactions.

Her full reaction to her phone being thrown into the crowd couldn’t be caught on camera as the lights dimmed seconds after. But people are sounding off on Twitter, saying she was probably furious because if Brown was not happy about her being on her phone, he could’ve simply asked her to get off the stage and invited somebody else to perform with him.

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