Bow Wow Tangles Tongues With Two Women

Written by on June 8, 2022

Video footage recently captured Bow Wow playing tag in an Arizona nightclub. But, his version involved his tongue and those of multiple women! On Tuesday, footage surfaced of the longtime actor swapping saliva with at least two women. But, hours after the videos went viral, Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, seemed to deny he was the man enjoying a tongue three-way.

“That was not me in that video,” Bow Wow wrote in white text on his Instagram Story. “That was Boward.”

A six-second video shows two women’s faces pressed against Bow Wow’s face. Two seconds in, the woman on the left (from the camera) pulls her face backward. It’s unclear if she’s the person recording the tongue-twisting. When the first woman pulls away, Bow turns his face in search of her. But, the second woman immediately turns Bow Wow’s head in her direction using a hand wrapped around his head and planted on his cheek. She plants her lips on his for about another two seconds. Afterward, she pulls her face away, and Bow rests his face on the inside of her neck. Meanwhile, a man standing nearby begins to tap on Bow Wow’s shoulder–likely trying to warn him of the recording camera.

Another six-second video shows the first woman, described above, having a solo make-out session with Shad. They both seemed to be really into it–eyes closed and all. The woman held Bow Wow’s face with both hands as they sucked on each other’s lips.

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