Boosie Badazz Offers Tiffany Haddish Job After Lawsuit Cost Her Everything

Written by on September 23, 2022

Boosie Badazz is sharing support for Tiffany Haddish after the comedian revealed on Wednesday afternoon that she had lost all of her gigs and jobs after she was slapped by a sexual assault lawsuit by two young victims.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Tiffany Haddish settled the matter out of court, according to TMZ. The victims had released a statement to the public. On Wednesday, the actress shared that she “lost everything” as a result of the lawsuit against her (which also named fellow comedian Aries Spears as a defendant) and added that she “had no job.”

Boosie Badazz popped up on Wednesday afternoon to share support for Haddish. In a now-deleted tweet, Boosie wrote to Haddish, offering to work with her so she could earn money.

“I can’t pay you what they was paying you but I got a check!” Boosie said in all caps. “I would love to pay you to make a comedy with you! What they did to you might be career-changing don’t let this slide. This is a billion dollar lawsuit sis! You’re a star U can produce your own movies.”

Boosie received immediate backlash from social media users, and he later deleted the tweet. However, he was roasted by fans and critics alike who called him out for supporting Haddish despite knowing the details of the lawsuit, which alleged that she had told the mother of the children that she was taking them for an audition but instead took them to film the Funny or Die video called “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes.” In the lawsuit, the victims, one of whom is underage, alleged that they were assaulted by Haddish and Spears. This is not the first time that Boosie is dragged for supporting someone accused of sexual assault against a minor.

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