ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Begged for Threeway With *Playboy* Bunny

Written by on March 26, 2019

A Playboy model warned Jennifer Lopez that her fiancé has been sneaking behind her back.

Zoe Gregory said he creeped into her DMs the day after Christmas. Alex Rodriguez begged her for sex. He begged for threeways. He sexted her with naked selfies to show why his nickname is A-Rod.

Zoe told The Sun, (quote) “J-Lo doesn’t deserve this. Doing this right up until the point he proposed is just not fair. He was asking me for sex videos, demanding we hook up and asking me to make arrangements with other girls.”

A few weeks before the proposal, A-Rod texted her through the encrypted WhatsApp, (quote) “Are you still thinking of your three names of fun girls for us?”

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