Adidas Under Fire For Unveiling New ‘Pride 2023’ Women’s Swimsuit Line Modeled By A Man

Written by on May 18, 2023

Adidas recently launched its “Pride 2023” swimwear collection, which includes a $70 “Pride Swimsuit” for women. However, the brand received backlash on social media after advertising the bathing suits on its website under the “women’s” section with the help of a male model. Many Twitter users criticized Adidas for going “woke” and erasing women’s identity, while others suggested that the suit be marketed in an LGBT category instead of advertising it for women.

The campaign features a man wearing a bathing suit that’s often worn by women, sustaining the current corporate trend where men are modeling clothes for the opposite sex. It should be noted that the male model’s sexual identity is unclear, and the company did not state if the model identified as male or transgender. The range itself has been named “Let Love Be Your Legacy,” and it aims to celebrate self-expression, imagination, and uniting love. However, according to Fox News, the ad has garnered criticism from women’s sports activist Riley Gaines and Congresswoman Nancy Mace, as they consider it an insult to women.

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