Tyler Perry Reacts To False Report Claiming Actress Cassi Davis Died

Written by on February 20, 2023

Not today! Tyler Perry has taken to social media to shut down one big rumor that has gotten some folks pretty worked up. There’s been a couple of reports and YouTube videos that claim actress Cassi Davis had died of lung cancer. Before those false reports could circulate even more, Perry quickly made a post to instantly shut them down.

This Monday, the director who has worked with Davis on a few films and shows including Tyler Perry’s House of Payne along with the Madea franchises — said on Instagram, “After I’ve gotten several calls from people giving me their condolences and I didn’t know what they were talking about, I was sent this article that’s going around. I don’t know how she could have died and nobody told me or her. So I called her and asked her was she dead and she said hell no! Can whoever is responsible for this please stop you better be careful when you speak death over a child of God,” Perry said over a fake article where he slapped the word “FAKE” over it. “This woman is loved by millions and you’re hurting a lot of people. Cassi is fine living her best life with no worries, no cares, no social media, and no drama. She’s waiting to shoot the next season of House of Payne.”

Perry went to his Instagram Story to share a screenshot of Cassi Davis’ death story trending on Google. He captioned the post, “Look how lies can trend!! Lord help us all.”

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