Sued Over Stolen Show

Written by on March 29, 2019

Queen Latifah is being called a crook. 

Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment production company, BET and From the Bottom Up series creator Nicci Gilbert are accused of ripping off a reality TV concept called Real Life Cinderellas of AtlantaLatosha Lee says back in 2013, she got as far as casting and shooting a sizzle reel, which she sent to networks and producers. BET producers reportedly showed interest but it never turned into anything. 

Lee says the concept of 2016’s From The Bottom Up uses the same as the hook she made and pitched years prior. The basic premise is women who have publicly gone through some sort of scandal or hardship and who are looking to move forward with their lives. From the Bottom Up is three seasons deep, while Lee hasn’t seen a penny or name on any credits. 

She’s seeking an injunction to stop BET and Flavor Unit from airing the show. (The Blast)

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