NASA Names First Black Man, First Woman Astronauts For Upcoming Moon Mission

Written by on April 4, 2023

NASA has announced the names of four astronauts who will take us back to the Moon, with one being the first Black man and another being the first female to do so.

After a 50-year gap, Victor Glover and Christina Koch will join Reid Wiseman and Jeremy Hansen to fly a capsule around the Moon either late next year or early 2025, according to the U.S. space agency.

While the four astronauts won’t technically land on the Moon, their mission will ultimately pave the way for a lunar landing by a crew in the near future.

The news of the three U.S. citizens and one Canadian being the next astronauts to make a trip to the Moon was revealed in a public ceremony in Houston, Texas.

All four will now start a period of intense physical training to prepare themselves for the upcoming lunar mission.

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