LORI LOUGHLIN: Stricken by Affluenza Bug

Written by on May 14, 2019

The same day that Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty in the college admissions scam, fellow actress Lori Loughlincontinued to think she’s above the law.

A close friend told Entertainment Tonight (quote) “While the fact she could serve time never leaves her mind, Lori strongly believes she doesn’t deserve it.”

Felicity could get four months for paying $15,000 to guarantee her daughter would be accepted to college. Lori Loughlin paid a half- million-dollar bribe so both her daughters could go to the University of Southern California.

The younger daughter Olivia Jade has stopped talking to her parents. A family friend said (quote) “She feels betrayed. She feels this could have been avoided. If only mom had listened when Olivia Jade told her she wasn’t interested in college.”

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