JUSTIN BIEBER: Regrets Not Requiring Pre-Nup

Written by on March 1, 2019

Ladies would you sign???

Yesterday, Justin Bieber was supposed to exchange vows with Hailey Baldwin in a religious ceremony, but his depression forced a delay.

Complicating his treatment are trust issues, including some with his wife. A source told Us Weekly (quote) “Justin brought up that he’s scared he doesn’t have a pre-nup. They have issues.”

Justin is worth about a quarter-billion dollars and Hailey might have $5 million in the bank. They’re committed to make it work. But his business managers have told Justin he must get Hailey to sign a contract in case they were to break up.

One of her friends thinks that’s unnecessary (quote) “Hailey is not going to leave Justin. She’s been so supportive of him throughout this process.” (Us Weekly)

They split once before in 2016. Hailey confessed in a Zaza World podcast that afterward (quote) “It was this weird limbo. We were friends and then we didn’t speak for a very long time.” And that’s why Justin is scared. If the marriage falters, the divorce will be capital-U ugly.

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