4.2 Earthquake

Written by on July 30, 2020

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck California this Thursday and was felt in Los Angeles. It hit at about 7:29 a.m., the USGS said. It was also noted that a 3.3-magnitude aftershock hit the area about 10 minutes later. Both were centered in the San Fernando Valley, north of LA, The Boston Globe reported. No immediate reports of injuries or damage were available. Residents who were shaken out of their beds by the quake quickly took to social media to react to the freighting moment. Some described it to be “very scary” with some others trying to figure out if anyone felt the earthquake. The USGS initially reported a magnitude 4.5 tremor, but has since downgraded it. LAFD said it engaged its Earthquake Emergency Mode, with fire engines and helicopters patrolling its 470 square-mile jurisdiction.

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