Don’t Do It!

Written by on November 14, 2019

Deputy Leader Chester Cooper of the Progressive Liberal Party in the (242) is vexed because of the increase in light bills from Bahamas Power and Light Company. The company which can’t seem to keep the lights on, on a normal sunny day demands an increase after they said they’re in debt and need a total of $650 million. So now the taxpaying citizens of the Bahamas are getting taxed even more from a company that hasn’t been able to comply with the needs of its clients who are already struggling to keep their lights on due to high light bills. The Deputy Leader isn’t the only one vexed about this introduction from the Power Company. Citizens have had enough of the company that has them load shedding on a daily basis because of the lack of sufficient supply by the company that can’t seem to get new generators up and running. Looks like this won’t be a bright Christmas for the people of the (242).

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