Walks On Water

Written by on September 8, 2020

Kanye West and his congigation defies gravity and walks on water at his Sunday Service. Kanye West is taking his faith seriously by walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Ye’s spiritual awakening was a revelation that changed the course of his entire life. Although always identifying himself as a Christian, it was around the start of 2019 that Yeezy fully committed to the way of the Lord and began to incorporate his faith into his music wherever he could. January 2019 saw the “Wash Us in the Blood” rapper launch his weekly Sunday Service, which gave fans the opportunity to connect to their faith through music. The latest edition of the Sunday Service took place in Atlanta, at a lake close to Pinewood Studios, where the Grammy-winner had something special in store for those who attended. Accompanied by his wife Kim Kardashian and Pastor Joel Osteen, Kanye West performed a feat of biblical proportions by seemingly walking on water with his crew. The video of the stunt demonstrates how the water that the believers stepped on was rather shallow, but it is surely the symbolism that counts.

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