Spragga Benz Says Script For “Shottas 2” Ready

Written by on January 26, 2021

The gritty crime-drama tells the tale of two young men who grew up in the streets of Kingston. Their love for money would eventually lead them down a path of crime and violence from a very tender age. The money garnered from robbing a soda truck eventually fuels their efforts to the States. Once there, they continue their shady practices, eventually rising to top-level roles in the criminal underworld. Wayne and Max would be deported back to Jamaica, where they continued their criminal activities. Their activities led them back to Florida to face-off against “Teddy Bruck Shut” and his associates. The graphic depiction of violence, strong Jamaican accent, and banging dancehall/reggae soundtrack has resulted in the movie being deemed a cult classic. It should be interesting to see how well the chemistry flows between the old cast members. Quite a few persons are curious about the role Spragga Benz will play in the sequel since his character was supposedly killed in action. Recent images of Spragga and Ky-Mani together is their link to facilitate the shooting of a brand new music video.

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