Snoop Dogg and Buju Banton Celebrates “High Life” On New Song

Written by on April 21, 2023

Snoop Dogg and Buju Banton marks 4/20 with a new collaboration “High Life”

Long before April 20 is celebrated worldwide as international weed day, fans of the herb first began using 4/20 as a code for smoking in the wee hours of the morning decades ago. In recent years, marijuana users have used the day to show their appreciation for the herb.

Among those who celebrate their love for weed are Snoop Dogg and Rastafarian reggae artist Buju Banton who released a new song to celebrate the day. “Pass me chalice/ Real ganja baby inside Buckingham Palace,” Snoop raps over a laid back breezy beat.

The artists chopped it up on Instagram Live to premiere the track while also smoking on some impressive-looking blunts during the IG Live. Thankfully the video was not banned as the Jamaican and American artists expressed appreciation for each other.

During the Live, the new Death Row owner shared that he had big respect for Buju Banton. Snoop Dogg also shared that the collab was a dream come through and is his second foray into reggae music. Snoop released his reggae album, Reincarnated under the name Snoop Lion in 2013, which caused quite a stir as many felt the rapper was converting to Rastafarianism.


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