Shenseea & Tarrus Riley “LighterChallenge

Written by on September 14, 2020

Shenseea and Tarrus Riley got everyone hitting their high notes. To say that Shenseea has been hitting all the right notes since the start of her career may have been a farfetched statement for some. However, the artiste quickly diminished any doubts in such claims when she shared a video of herself performing an exert of her brand new featured collaboration titled “Lighter.” The track, which comes off reggae singer Tarrus Riley’s brand new album “Healing,” has been a hot topic since its release nearly a week ago, raking in over 2,800,000 Youtube views at the time this article was written. Along with the brilliant music video came some soulful singing from both Riley and Shenseea. However, it was Shensee’s ability to easily hit a few notes that marveled some fans who were probably more accustomed to her more robust type of delivery. The remarkable vocal work immediately led to rumors of the use of auto-tune, which she debunked in her recent video. The clip starts off with the recording of Shenseea’s portion of the track before it is abruptly cut. A blonde Shenseea then says, “alright, let’s settle this, shall we?” She then begins to sing notes from the chorus of the song. “Baby when the bright lights start to fade, fire up your lighter…,” she sings. She continues, “Calling all a mi singers dem, hit this note, post it on Instagram and tag me so I can repost you guys.” And that marks the start of the #LighterChallenge.

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