LINDSAY LOHAN: Releases Preview of New Song, “Xanax”

Written by on August 30, 2019

Lindsay Lohan has released a snippet of her first single in 10 years. 

On Wednesday, Virgin Radio Dubai DJ Kris Fade debuted a 30-second clip of “Xanax.”

Jezebel says the song, LiLo’s first since “Bossy’ in 2008, “has a tropical house vibe lighter than the warm, dry froth that floats atop a piña colada. It’s very 2015, which isn’t to say that it sounds passé—it’s ahead of the retro curve by some 15 years. Think Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ except it’s not sorry.”

The website adds, “This is good. This is really, really good.” The radio show hosts were also impressed, with Fade saying, “I’ve only heard it a couple times and I’m already singing it.”

Lohan has been promising new music since May, a month before she signed with Casablanca Records.

A snippet of Lindsay Lohan’s new single, “Xanax.” 

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