Nelly Furtado Reveals She’s Working On New Music With Timbaland

Written by on July 18, 2023

After rumors of a feud, music producer Timbaland and singer Nelly Furtado have put them to rest and reunited for fresh new music. The duo, who had success in the early 2000s with the album “Loose,” have been working together in the studio on a new project. Furtado’s popularity has experienced a revival thanks to her hits being rediscovered by a new generation on TikTok.

They recently had a two-hour Facetime call reminiscing about their past work and teasing their return. In an Instagram Live chat, they addressed rumors of a rift, saying they never fought or hated each other and any disagreements were just “creative differences.” Furtado has also made a return to performing after a five-year hiatus, which has fueled excitement for their upcoming collaboration.

The news of Timbaland and Nelly Furtado’s reunion has excited fans and music enthusiasts alike. Their previous work together produced chart-topping hits such as “Promiscuous” and “Say It Right,” which cemented their place in the music industry. With Furtado’s voice and Timbaland’s production skills, the possibilities for their new project are endless.

Their reunion also highlights the power of social media in reviving careers and reconnecting artists. Furtado’s resurgence on TikTok has brought her music to a younger audience, who are now eagerly awaiting her new collaboration with Timbaland. It is a testament to the timelessness of their music that it can appeal to generations old and new.

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