KATY PERRY: Jury Rules “Dark Horse” Copied Christian Rap Song

Written by on July 30, 2019

Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” ripped off a Christian rap song. That’s what a California jury decided on Monday after a week-long trial.

Marcus Gray, a Christian rapper known as Flame, alleged that Perry’s 2013 hit bit from his song called “Joyful Noise.” The most obvious thing that Perry lifted was the beat featured in her hit produced by Dr. Luke.

During the trial, both the singer and the producer insisted they’d never heard “Joyful Noise,” but the rapper said they might have caught it on the Grammy Awards or seen his video on YouTube, where it got millions of plays.

The case will now move on to the damages phase on Tuesday. Perry’s lawyers are still waiting for the judge to rule on their Thursday assertion that no reasonable jury could determine copyright infringement with the evidence heard at the trial. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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