Ice Cube Reacts To Billboard’s Controversial Top Rappers List

Written by on February 10, 2023

After Billboard unveiled its top 50 list of greatest rappers, many people weren’t exactly agreeing with the publication and their views on who they believed were some of the best lyricists of all time. And on Thursday, Ice Cube, who was placed at No. 18, reacted to his position on the list, saying that Billboard doesn’t matter because they aren’t part of Hip-Hop. The rapper was spotted at LAX airport by a TMZ cameraman, who further quizzed him on whether it was an insult to leave rap icon Too Short off the list entirely, to which Cube said, “Yeah, it is. It’s an irrelevant list, you know what I mean, it’s like a**holes; everybody got one and they call stink. There it is.”

The former NWA star said he doesn’t pay attention to lists pertaining to who the greatest rapper is because he’s got his own. Still, Cube isn’t too bothered by Billboard’s opinion on who they feel is the best rapper, saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion — the list that they came up with simply isn’t something Cube agrees with.

Others sounded off by insisting that Jay Z may have paid Billboard to be given the No. 1 spot because it would spark a viral conversation. “Open your eyes, JAY Z paid billboard to name him the greatest rapper of all time knowing it will cause some controversy,” the user tweeted. “Now everyone gonna stream JAY Z and these big podcasts gonna talk about it inciting debates, generating him millions of dollars.”

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