E-40 Put On 48 Hour Notice By Richie Rich Over Alleged Snitch Claims

Written by on February 4, 2020

Things aren’t looking good.

The Bay Area has trouble brewing between two of its favorites. Rapper Richie Rich hopped on Instagram on Monday (February 3) to address a few rumors that he didn’t appreciate. According to the Oakland rapper, E-40 got on Instagram yesterday and declared that Rich was a snitch. After allegedly answering too many messages about the accusation, Rich decided to publicly put E-40 on notice and let the world bear witness to his call out.

Check this out my n*gga,” Rich began. “My phone been ringing. I’m tired of picking the phone up. Imma just do it just like this, my n*gga.” He said he wasn’t going to get into the personal things that he claims E-40 had to say about him because he wasn’t “trippin’ on none of that.” However, he wasn’t happy with having his reputation tarnished.

“That sh*t you called me last night. You got 48 hours my n*gga to produce some documentation,” Rich added. “Real n*ggas gon’ feel it. You called me a rat. N*gga. So, I’m giving you 48 hours to produce documentation that supports that sh*t you was talking last night. ‘Cause if not, n*ggas can’t believe nothing you say. You feel me? And real n*ggas, real b*tches gon’ resonate. Street n*ggas, street b*tches, this gon’ resonate.”

“E-40 called Richie Rich a rat last night on Instagram,” he continued. “Based on some sh*t I said about a football game… Get at me.” Snoop Dogg slid in Rich’s comments with hopes to keep the peace between his two friends. “Double. R. Y’all need to holla away from social media we grown now. i expect more out of both of y’all. We the west the lil homies watching to c how to resolve issues as men I’ll delegate if I must we 

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