ADELE: “Exciting News Coming Soon”

Written by on May 1, 2020

We may get new music from Adele sooner than previously believed. Her makeup artist, Michael Ashton, offered a generic tease this week at Instagram, (quote) “Exciting news coming soon, get ready to get on board.”

This mystery announcement could coincide with her 32rd birthday on Tuesday.

Her manager promised the album is coming this year. Jonathan Dickins added, (quote) “And the sooner the better.” (Music Week)

Adele told her friend’s wedding party in February that the album would be released in September. The coronavirus may have altered plans. Her 33 million Instagram followers are hungry for the album. They’re stuck at home with lots of time. And flush with cash to pay for new music, thanks to a $1,200 government stimulus check. (The Mirror, U.K.)

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