12 Chance The Rapper, Tyler, The Creator and Young Thug Lyrics That Prove Pizza Obsession Is Real

Written by on February 10, 2020

From Lil Wayne comparing real G’s to lasagna to Cam’ron’s gravy-hued Mercedes and just about every Action Bronson song ever made, food has always had an important place in hip-hop. But while ingredients are often sliced into verses to add extra meaning, a single dish is rarely so adored that it gets mentioned in multiple records year after year. Pizza is among the only foods that has made it into this category, transcending from lunchtime staple to bona fide rap super star.

Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller have all paid homage to the delicious Italian staple in their rhymes, using the dish’s high and low aspects to touch on everything from being broke (“Weston Road Flows, I did this shit for my nigga Renny/Back when we couldn’t buy pizza/’Cause we were down to pennies”—Drake) to childhood memories (“Kool-Aid and frozen pizza/It’s a work of art, I ain’t talking Mona Lisa”—Mac Miller).

And even outside of the lyrics itself, real Jadakiss fans know he likes the crust only.

Consisting mainly of dough and cheese (two of hip hop’s other favorite culinary devices), the crisp and gooey treat is also a perfect metaphor for money and love. It’s a sauce-slathered olive branch between classes and generations that nearly everyone understands. And most importantly, who doesn’t love pizza?

Chance The RapperTyler, The Creator and Young Thug certainly do. These artists are among the many who’ve the sprinkled some cheese throughout their lyrics over the years. From Chuck E. Cheese to Little Caesars, Chano, the Odd Future leader and Thugger love pizza.

In celebration of National Pizza Day on Feb. 9, XXL rounds up our favorite pizza-inspired bars from Chance The Rapper, Tyler, The Creator and Young Thug.

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