50 Cent’s Horror Movie So Scary

Written by on July 22, 2022

50 Cent is truning things up a notch with his upcoming horror movie based on social media influencer culture.

It looks like 50 Cent’s decision to enter the world of horror films is going to pay off. At least according to the reaction of a cameraman who reportedly fainted during recording one of the scenes. That should at least mean that the content will be extremely graphic and gory.

Earlier this month, the rapper turned successful TV producer announced that he would star in and produce a horror movie called Skill House. At the time of the announcement, he also said that the film would be used to “examine social media and influencer culture,” and it would shed light on what people choose to do to ensure their 15 minutes of fame.

Besides that information, nothing else was disclosed, but now at least, we know the scenes are potent enough to cause temporary loss of consciousness. The news soon spread on social media after footage was obtained by TMZ.

In it, fans get a glimpse of how scary some scenes will be. According to the publication, the cameraman, who was not identified, fainted while filming a particular scene, which also caused the camera to smash to the ground. Further information from director Josh Stolberg, the man behind cult favorites Spiral and Jigsaw, the overwhelmed cameraman was out cold for 30 minutes.

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