Young Thug Vents About His Sex Life, Drops Video With Chris Brown “Say You Love Me”

Written by on September 23, 2020

Young Thug is venting about his sex life as he drops off a new animated video, “Say You Love Me,” with Chris Brown.

Chris Brown and Young Thug released their collaborative mixtape titled Slime & B nearly five months ago, and fans are still getting fresh new content in connection to the project. No complaints here! The Atlanta rapper is also telling his fans that he has’t have sex in over a month. “Ain had no pu**y in so long man gotta be bout a month,” he wrote on his IG story.

The pair dropped the music video for “Go Crazy” back in July, and fans are now being blessed with the visuals for the song that holds the number one spot, “Say You Love Me.” Dark Matter FX, who stands as the director of both videos, picks up right where he left off in “Go Crazy.” Thug and Breezy were both on the prowl for two specific ladies while at a party. However, the females pulled a fast one them when they vanished into another dimension.

It turns out the alternate universe was animated and, as you might have guessed it, on a different planet. They are immediately equipped with superpowers by the two ladies upon arrival to the new work. The pursuit continues, but it isn’t an easy one as dark forces lurking on the plant attempt to kidnap their beauties. “Say You Love Me” brings to fans a gripping storyline and the spectacular graphics. You can check out the video below to see just how the pursuit ends.

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