WENDY WILLIAMS: Ex-Husband Proposed to Mistress

Written by on October 27, 2021

The dreaded ex-husband of Wendy Williams proposed to his mistress.

Sharina Hudson gave birth to a secret love child before Wendy filed for divorce in 2019. Kevin Hunter dropped to one knee and presented Sharina with a four-carat diamond ring.

In the divorce agreement, as they split accounts, property and their production company, Wendy gave an “undisclosed lump sum” to Kevin Hunter. That money likely went to purchasing Sharina’s engagement ring.

Wendy admitted to hiring a private detective to spy on Sharina and Kevin’s extra-curricular activities. She had her suspicions. Kevin established a history of cheating. The first time Wendy was aware (quote) “I was pregnant with our son Kevin Jr. on bedrest.” (The Sun, UK)

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