TUPAC SHAKUR: Filed for Unemployment in Kentucky

Written by on April 29, 2020

The Kentucky governor apologized to Tupac Shakur, who he accused of fraudulently filing for unemployment benefits.

Governor Andy Beshear wrongly believed there’s only one Tupac Shakur. There’s at least two. The iconic hip-hop star, who was (allegedly) murdered two decades ago. Another is unemployed in Lexington, Kentucky. Before the pandemic, the 46-year-old had been a short-order cook at Lynagh’s Irish Pub.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson said (quote) “Governor Beshear called Mr. Shakur to apologize. The Office of Unemployment Insurance is working to resolve the claim.”

During Monday’s press briefing, the governor made an example out of Tupac. Fake claims had slowed the state in distributing benefits. The governor said (quote) “We had somebody apply for unemployment for ‘Tupac Shakur.’ One person thinking that they were funny is going to make tens of thousands people wait.” (Lexington Courier-Journal)

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