THE ROYALS: Transformed by the Pandemic

Written by on June 23, 2020

The Royal Family may never be the same as a result of the pandemic. For one thing, some are wondering whether Queen Elizabeth the Second will ever make an appearance in public again. At 94-years-old, she’s the oldest and longest-tenured British royal in history.

As Britain opens up in the midst of the pandemic, some of the country’s top royals are starting to once again make in-person appearances, but even they have rules: Less events inside, no handshakes, no walking into crowds and social distancing. However, the royals have left masks off — at least in their photos.

Last week, 71-year-old Prince Charles of Wales, and his wife, 72-year-old Camilla of Cornwall, paid a visit to a hospital in Gloucestershire and spent some time with French President Emmanuel Macron, who was visiting London. Charles already had, and recovered, from COVID-19. (USA Today)

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