Shenseea Says She’s Ready For A ‘Girlfriend’

Written by on September 2, 2020

Shenseea is ready for a girlfriend and her female fans sending their applications. Shenseea has always trodded the thin line of what her fans think is acceptable vs. what she desires, or at least what is marketable, especially when it comes to her sexuality in the media. In 2019 Shenseea released the music video for “Blessed,” which featured Tyga. The visualizer had one special scene, which shows the “Pon Mi” singer curling up to another female as they laid in bed. The image was immediately bashed by Jamaicans for what many saw as their forced consumption of homophobic content. Well, Shenseea is once again professing her admiration of the fairer sex, and this time she has opted to place it in words, obviously for clearer understanding. Clearly, Shenseea has been on the picking list for quite a few females, with many of them dropping application emojis in order to show that they are available for the coveted position. The truth is, the “Good Comfort” singer had been turning all sorts of heads way before her most recent post.

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