SHAWN MENDES: Snorting Drugs

Written by on February 8, 2022

Shawn Mendes got intimate with a woman not named Camila Cabello.

He tipped a photographer to document his day-long encounter with Hitomi Mochizuki. Her profile indicates that she’s an Ashtanga Yogi. She identifies as a “Forest Nymph.”

TMZ dubbed her the “sexy shaman.”

Hitomi helped Shawn meditate in a remote location on Hawaii. She blew an “exotic plant medicine” up Shawn’s nostril. Part of this sacred ritual is to administer the drug through bamboo or hollow bone. The shamanic medicine has the unfortunate name, “Rapé.”

Shawn and 24-year-old Hitomi Mochizuki spent the entire day together, with the paparazzi tagging along. Camila Cabello watched, too. She follows Hitomi’s Instagram account.

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