SELENA GOMEZ: Flaunts Transplant Scar

Written by on September 25, 2020

Selena Gomez Instagrammed a swimsuit photo that fully exposed her kidney transplant scar. It runs about nine inches up her inner thigh.

Selena Gomez   Photo by VALERIE MACON AFP via Getty Images.jpg

She explained on Thursday why three years after the surgery she’s flaunting the flaw. (quote) “Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through. I’m proud of that.”

The inner-thigh scar is a result of an emergency operation. Selena’s transplanted kidney separated from a vital blood vessel. Surgeons saved the kidney by relocating a vein in Selena’s leg and connecting it to the kidney in her abdomen. (Billboard)

Next month will be the anniversary of her transplant surgery. Her closest friend, at the time, Francia Raisa was a match and donated one her kidneys. A year later, they had a falling out reportedly over Selena’s abuse on that donated kidney by “drinking and partying.” (Radar Online)

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