SAWEETIE: From Big Mac to MAC Girl

Written by on September 14, 2021

Saweetie is going from Big Mac to just plain MAC.

Saweetie announced her latest endorsement deal by tweeting out some pictures with the words “Big Mac Mama is now Mrs. MAC.”  The new partnership will feature the “Icy Girl” as the face of MAC’s upcoming collections and campaigns. She’ll also team up with the brand’s makeup artists to showcase her “signature looks and beauty secrets.” 

The cosmetics giant put out a statement singing Saweetie’s praises as the newest “MAC girl.” The Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director, Drew Elliott, said, “Saweetie’s message of self-confidence and female empowerment is the perfect match for a brand like MAC that has always embraced unapologetic self-expression with open arms… She has always loved our products, she told me she has swallowed pounds of MAC lip gloss in her life.”

Big Mac Mama is now Mrs. MAC ?.— icy bae (@Saweetie) September 12, 2021

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