ROYAL RUMOR: Prince William Takes a Mistress

Written by on March 28, 2019

Royal scandal in London: Kate Middleton has forbidden Prince William to socialize with a 35-year-old model. There are whispers that Kate thinks they’re having an affair.

William and Rose Hanbury have been friends since childhood. They dated when teenagers. She’s now married to a Marquess [pr: mar-KEYS] pushing the age of 60. Rose married well, but may regret marrying a guy so old.

A Royal insider said (quote) “Kate seems to see Rose as a rival.” William is not allowed near her and Kate demanded that her staff “phased out” Rose from their inner social circle. So far, nobody has talked about the fall out. Rose’s father said when asked (quote) “We are fully aware of the gossip. Nothing to say about it. Got no comment. There is no comment.” (The Sun, UK)

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