SCOTT DISICK: “Seeking Quieter Lifestyle” … PSHA

Written by on August 20, 2020

TMZ reports that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are absolutely broken up. There’s no going back. They are not even on speaking terms.

Scott’s side of the story sounds suspicious. He claims to be the one to call it off. Scott blamed Sofia for being a wild child. A family friend told TMZ(quote) “He’s seeking a quieter lifestyle to focus on his business ventures and that didn’t mesh well with Sofia.”

They call this kind of misinformation from Scott’s team: “gaslighting.”

Three months ago, Scott entered rehab, reportedly for abuse of booze and cocaine. Then he bolted after just a few days. Sofia ditched him in a dose of “tough love.” She refused to stick around unless he got his act together. She called the shots. Sofia was the one to leave Scott because he would not quit the partying. (TMZ)

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