OFFSET: Caught Slipping on Livestream?

Written by on March 30, 2020

What’s Offset hiding?

The rapper’s name was buzzing on social media over the weekend after an awkward moment during a livestream. The Migos rapper was in a room by himself playing Call of Duty when Cardi came in. He quickly scrambled to hide his phone. And as soon as his lady left, he sneakily pulled it back out.

The question is — what was he doing or who he was talking on there that he didn’t want wifey to see? 

‘Set responded to the video clip that went viral. He says folks who were worried he was doing something shady are focused on the wrong thing. “Got folks out here dying. You wanna focus on something negative. We got too much negativity… Don’t kill the vibe, man. I’m with my family… we together everyday.”

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