MILLIE BOBBY BROWN: Loses Boyfriend and Dog in Same Week

Written by on August 5, 2020

August started pretty rough for Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. Her boyfriend left Millie and then her dog died.  

Millie posted a tribute to her pet named Dolly (quote) “Your slobbery good mornings and always showing us your toys were the best ever. Your cuddles always felt better than the ones before. Your loyalty to our family was incomparable.”

Orlando Bloom, who lost his dog last month, commented at Instagram that Millie will always feel the presence of Dolly “all around you.” (The Blast)

Millie revealed at the start of the year that she was dating British rugby player Joseph Robinson. However, they had to split. Their careers were pulling them apart. He competes in London while Millie has obligations in Los Angeles. They’ve deleted photos of one another at Instagram.

A source said, (quote) “They were very full on and happy to show it on social media, but it seems things have run their course. They’re both still very young, so no doubt there’s lots ahead for both of them.” (The Sun, UK)

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