KATIE HOLMES: Homewrecker

Written by on September 11, 2020

Katie Holmes has dated since July a coward.

The paparazzi were tipped to her tryst and snapped incriminating photos of Katie with New York chef Emilio Vitolo. She wrecked his engagement with Rachel Emmons. He dumped Rachel via text the moment pictures leaked of Katie kissing Emilio.

One of Rachel’s friends said (quote) “He is a cheater. This isn’t a happy ending story. They had concrete wedding plans.” (Daily Mail)

Rachel was blindsided by those photos. She then read Emilio’s texts and packed her gear. She moved out of the place they shared. It’s unclear if she took their puppy named “Frank.”

Emilio hooked up with his ex-fiancée and also Katie with the help of the exclusive dating app, Raya. A friend revealed that Emilio never quite Raya (quote) “Throughout the engagement, he was on Raya the entire time.” (OK!

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