JENNIFER LOPEZ: Expects a Ring From Ben Affleck

Written by on November 19, 2021

Jennifer Lopez expects an engagement ring from Ben Affleck.

J-Lo responded to questions if she would consider remarrying. She’s promoting a Valentine’s Day rom-com called Marry Me.

She’s been married three times before and engaged twice but didn’t make it down the aisle. So, when asked if she would re-marry, J-Lo told the Today Show, (quote) “I’m a romantic. I always have been. I’ve been married a few times. I still believe in happily ever after, for sure, 100%.”

Owen Wilson and Latin singing sensation Maluma co-star with Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me. It’s a knockoff of the Julia Roberts rom-com from the ’90s, Notting Hill. A worldwide superstar falls for a mere mortal. Owen Wilson plays the math club dad who hooks up with J-Lo.

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