RIHANNA: Busy, Busy, Busy

Written by on June 11, 2019

Rihanna recently sat down with actress Sarah Paulson for a rare interview.

The summer issue of Interview mag features RiRi on the cover, wearing a white designer bondage mask, an ankle-length white Saint Laurent coat and tall white heels. 

One thing new in Rihanna’s life is making time for herself. She realized how much your mental health depends on scheduling breaks, so that the things you love don’t start feel like chores. Now, she says she puts a P on her calendar when she wants to block out a personal day or three. Apparently Rihanna’s so busy with meetings that some workdays last all day and all night, and she doesn’t have a regular sleep pattern, but rather “sleep pockets.” 

RiRi adds that it’s hard to make time to get into the studio when she has a “carousel” of revolving obligations, from fashion to lingerie to beauty to Hollywood to music. The good news is that she has a “solid period of time” blocked off for recording next month. 

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