PRINCE HARRY: Postponing and Revising Memoir

Written by on September 15, 2022

Looks like Prince Harry’s memoir will be revised following the death of Queen ElizabethPage Six reports.

The tell-all was originally set to be released this November, but will definitely not come out anytime soon, according to sources. 

One insider said, “Of course, the Queen’s passing was something that was always speculated on when we started working on the book … when it comes down to it, there is absolutely no way the book can come out this year.”

With the extra time, it’s believed Harry will revise the memoir and decide which “truth bombs” he wants to drop.

Another insider says, “Harry will want to take out certain passages that involve Queen Elizabeth, out of respect for her. Plus, he will want to describe his feelings about the Queen’s passing.”

Harry reportedly got $20 million from Random House for the memoir.

On Wednesday, Harry walked behind the Queen’s coffin alongside his brother William from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

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