PARIS JACKSON: First Public Performance of Her Band

Written by on April 1, 2019

Paris Jackson seemed perfectly healthy when she took the stage Saturday night to play with her band.

The only sign of her emergency hospital visit two weeks ago was a bandana strategically wrapped around her left forearm. TMZ reported but Paris denied trying to slit her wrists. Friends say the bloody injury was the result of “acting wildly with kitchen scissors during a night of rowdy partying.” (Daily Mail)

On hand to watch The Soundflowers perform for the first time on a public stage were Paris’s mother Debbie Rowe, brother Prince and godfather Macaulay Culkin. Also, Chris Brown watched from a corner booth.

Billboard magazine called The Soundflowers “earnest folk-rock” with Paris wearing a neo-hippie wardrobe and going barefoot on stage. The Soundflowers features Paris on vocals and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn on guitar. They wrote half of their songs in their Saturday night set.

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