OMICRON: COVID-Sniffing Canines Protect Concerts

Written by on January 11, 2022

COVID-sniffing dogs are now part of concert tours.

Specially trained animals, such as German Shepherds and Labrador retrievers, can detect COVID. Even from infected individuals, who are asymptomatic.

COVID-sniffing canines are almost as essential as N95 masks in keeping musical acts on the road. The pups cruise backstage to help keep the musicians and stage crew safe. One of the handlers told Rolling Stone magazine, (quote) “The dogs have been knocking it out of the park. We haven’t had a dog miss anybody.”

Studies have shown that “respiratory diseases like COVID change body odor.” The canine nose is super-sensitive. It can detect COVID on the hands of humans. The COVID-sniffing animals are also trained to check that the other dogs are also virus-free.

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