OLYMPICS: Medals for Skateboard and Breakdance

Written by on December 8, 2020

The 2024 Paris Olympics will introduce a new competition: Breakdancing.

The president of World DanceSport Federation said (quote) “Today is a historic occasion, not only for b-boys and b-girls but for all dancers around the world.”

On Monday, the International Olympic Committee agreed to add several sports to the Summer Games in Paris. Beyond breakdancing, they are wall climbing, skateboarding and surfing. There aren’t any waves in Paris. So the surfing competition will take place in a French Polynesia, namely the island of Tahiti.

“Breaking” will be one-on-one dance battles in front of judges. The International Olympic Committee hopes these new competitions will attract younger viewers. Breakdancing made the Olympic cut but the Committee rejected parkour. (Sky News)

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