Offset Gifts Cardi B A House In The Dominican Republic

Written by on October 13, 2021

Offset is known for the extravagant gifts he buys for his wife and after buying her the biggest diamonds, the most expensive bags and the hottest cars, what’s left? Well, it looks like Offset really outdid himself this time by purchasing Cardi B a house in her home country.

As the two danced the night away at Cardi’s 29th dancehall party, it came to the part of the night where Offset revealed the gift he bought for Cardi. He grabbed the microphone and as he began to speak, the two turned around to huge screen showing photos of her new crib!

“I done bought you the biggest diamonds you can get. I done bought you everything. So this year I wanted to buy you something that means something. You just had my beautiful son, so look at this screen,” Offset said. “I bought you a house in DR. Yessir that’s how we coming. Pool on the roof. God is good.”

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