MILEY CYRUS: Skipped 4-20 Celebrations

Written by on April 21, 2020

Miley Cyrus surprised her followers by revealing she was skipping this year’s 4-20 celebrations.

Many immediately jumped to conclusions that Miley must be pregnant. She and boyfriend Cody Simpson could be expecting a quarantine baby. Miley would not want to harm the fetus with marijuana smoke. (Daily Mail)

Monday morning, Miley Instagrammed a happy “Miley High Club” message with the statement for her 107 million followers, (quote) “I won’t be smokin’ but the rest of my fam sure will be tokin’.”

What’s more likely is that Miley has maintained her sobriety. Last year, Miley confirmed she quit cold turkey and had been clean for several months. Her manager told People magazine in October, (quote) “Cody Simpson and Miley are both sober, now. They’re focused on health, work and spending time together.”

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