Megan Thee Stallion Creates History With Forbes 30 Under 30 Cover

Written by on November 29, 2022

The “Savage” rapper has another achievement under her belt as she becomes the first black woman to be featured on the cover of Forbes 30 under 30. On Monday, the cover of the magazine was revealed, showing Megan with fiery red hair and a bright orange dress. Megan Thee Stallion reacted to being told that making the cover was an accomplishment. An off-camera person was heard telling Megan, “I want to start off by telling you something, you are the first black female to make the Forbes 30 under 30.”

Megan is clearly excited as she reacts, “[Laughs], it’s really hard to be the first something in 2022 so [screams].”

Megan Thee Stallion added, “I want to be bigger than just my music. I want people to know Megan as everything she ever wanted to be- Megan, the artist. I feel like I always liked to dibble and dabble in a lot of different things and I feel like I got that from my mom and my dad.”

A write-up on Megan was shared by Forbes noting that the rapper’s many accomplishments include her successful hosting of Saturday Night Live as host and performer. According to the magazine, which seemed to have followed her to the October SNL hosting, Thee Stallion scooped up about $13 million in 2022, earned mainly from royalties, ticket sales, endorsements, and merchandise. This year would mark the third time that Megan has made the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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