MEEK MILL: He-Said, She-Said

Written by on January 29, 2020

We now have a little more context on what led to the argument between Meek Mill and his ex Nicki Minaj.

Sources close to Barbie and new hubby Kenneth Petty were frustrated that Meek kept staring them down while they tried to shop for clothing in West Hollywood. They had just walked into a store called Maxfield when Meek reportedly locked his eyes on the couple. The odd behavior apparently provoked Nicki and her man, though sources say they never approached Meek “by any means.”

But the Philly rapper says it was actually Nicki’s man who started talking spicy. Meek tried to deescalate the situation, which led to Petty calling him a synonym for the word soft

These accounts both help to fill in the blanks of what happened before the footage we saw of Meek and the couple arguing while he’s held back by store employees and his own security. (TMZ)

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